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              Charcoal briquette dryer

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              Charcoal briquette dryer

                      Our this charcoal briquette dryer is applied to dry charcoal and coal briquettes, food, fruit, vegetables, meat, etc. The heat source can be got from burning fuel or using electric.  Drying efficiency of this shisha charcoal dryer is much higher than nature drying, and it will be not influenced by weather. Also for the trays in this shisha charcoal dryer, we can make them fixed, or we can made them a mobile cart for conveniently and easily load the materials. The drying time of our this box dryer is 5-8 hours and 3 ton capacity each time, which is ideal equipment for drying the high water content materials.

              Charcoal briquette dryer

              Features of charcoal briquettes drying machine:
                      1. Health: whole sealing structure keeps the dust away from your goods.
                      2. No fire risk: accurate control of temperature guarantee the safe of your goods.
                      3. Various heat sources: coal, wood, electric can be used for energy. 
                      4. Alarm device: each machine is equiped with an alarm in case of accident. 
                      5. Excellent drying effect: this machine can dry your goods totally. 
                      6. Customized: we can design different types according to your requirement, and the steel can be normal steel or stainless steel.

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