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              Sand dryer

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              Sand dryer

                      1. Rotary sand dryer is a common and wide using drying device in mining industry, wood industry, pellet industry, chemical industry, etc.
                      2. It is suitable for drying metal powder, mining powder, clay, coal, sand, sawdust, slurry, slag, tailings and other small particles.
                      3. This sand dryer can dry the raw materials with moisture of 40-70%, and reduce the moisture to 8-12%.
                      4. This sand drying machine is formed of body roller, lifting blades, driving device, supporting device and sealing ring.
                      5. And it has the features of high efficiency, high drying strength and easy operation, which is an ideal sand drying equipment for drying high humidity materials.

              Sand dryer

              Rotary sand dryer mainly consist of:
                      1) Furnace
                      2) Connection pipes between sand dryer and furnace
                      3) Feeding and discharging parts
                      4) Roller ring
                      5) Big gear(45# steel)
                      6) Transmission parts (Motor, Reducer, Bearing,Small gear)
                      7) Carrier Roller of rotary dryer
                      8) Cyclone
                      9) Dust collector for rotary dryer
                      10) Air induced fan

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