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              Gypsum Drying Equipment

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              Gypsum Drying Equipment

              Gypsum drying technology:
                      Gongyi Lantian Machanical Plant focus on the high efficiency, energy saving and environment protection gypsum dryer. It has a strong professional team to provide customers with the best design, small investment and good efficiency of drying equipment. The professional engineers can be for door installation, commission and careful coaching customers to use the dryer equipment. Drying is a technology, and it needs professional technician to do the drying work. The drying machine is the organic combination of machine and material. And familar with materials, we design the most suitable drying chamber, including the system for air supplying, air volume, air pressure, temperature, humidity, etc.

              Gypsum Drying Equipment

              The working principle of gypsum drying machine:
                      The gypsum dryer, through compressor, drive the heat transferring medium to absorb the heat from the outside environment. And then through heat exchanging device to release the heat into the drying chamber, and through hot air circulation system to dry the materials.

              The features of gypsum drying equipment:
                      1. Automatic PLC controlling system.
                      2. High controlling precision of temperature and humidity.
                      3. Low energy consumption, and low operation cost.
                      4. Safe, no overheating or burning dangerous when drying process.
                      5. Draining moisture evenly.
                      6. Widely application and not affected by weather.
                      7. Long lifetime and low maintenance cost.
                      8. Environmental protection.

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