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              Printing Drying Equipment

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              Printing Drying Equipment

              Introduction of printing dryer:
                      Our printing dryer is using inverse cano principle, absorbing heat air and transferring them to the drying chamber to realize the increase of temperature in the dryer. Our printing dryer is composed of compressor, heat exchanger, flow controller and heat absorber, and these devices form a cycling system (main drying device and drying chamber). Under the action of compressor, the refrigerant will be flowing circulating in this system. It will finish the process of pressure rising and temperature rising in the compressor (temperature can be up to 115℃), then release high temperature source to heat the air in the chamber, and at the same time, it will be cooled and translated into liquid. When it runs out the machine, the liqud will aborb hot air quickly and be tanslated to gas again. At the same time, the temperature will be dropped to 20-30℃, and the heat absorber will transfer the heat source to refrigerant. And the refrigerant tranport the heating source from the air to drying chamber constantly and circularly to heat the air temperature in the chamber.
                      The printing drying machine is suitable for printing machine, gravure machine, compound machine, coating machine, curing chamber which need to be dried. Also our printing dryer can be as a cold and heat source solution method for GMP workshop.

              The advantages of the printing drying machine:
                      1. High drying efficiency.
                      The heat of our printing drying machine is coming mainly from the sensible heat and latent heat in the exhaust of the printing machine. And energy is from the compressor driving, and it can consume a little power to achieve a large quantity of heat.
                      2. Humidity control is convenient.
                      It can adjust the drying temperature of printing each color group.
                      3. With both cooling and heating system.
                      Our printing dryer can offer both cold air and hot air. At the same time of heating, it can recover the cold air cause by heat pump, and send the cold air to drying chamber to lower the inside temperature.
                      4. Reduce the volatilization.
                      The traditional drying chamber will easily cause the volatilization of a large number of solvent and cause a large amount of wastes because of high temperature.
                      5. Flexible control.
                      Our dryer don’t need any workers to supervise when drying process, and it is flexible and reliable control.
                      6. Environment protection.
                      Countries are strongly advocated green printing, and the high emissions equipment can’t be used. Then our heat pump printing drying equipment is undoubtedly the best choice. Our this kind of dryer need only a little of electric power driving to achieve high temperature hot air and cold air, and no any emissions when drying process.
                      7. Electric and energy saving.
                      Compared with the traditional drying equipments, our this printing drying machine can save 60% energy than them.

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