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              Paint Dryer

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              Paint Dryer

              The requirements of the paint of furniture board:
                      1. The paint must be dried in the clean chamber, and it must be installed air purification system in the drying chamber.
                      2. The temperature of drying chamber must be controlled at 26-35℃, the temperature can’t be very high, and the over temperature will easily cause the paint blister which will be not smooth.
                      3. The humidity should be at 65-70% to ensure the paint of board will not craze.
                      4. The drying chamber doesn’t allow much wind blows in, and it must breeze and heat up slowly, then it will ensure the paint not be blew away.

              The advantages of our paint dryer:
                      1. Adopt closed circulating drying method, save operation cost, no wastes emission, no noise, environmental protection.
                      2. Using our paint drying machine will expand the industrial drying application, and its drying efficiency can save 30% energy.
                      3. Middle or low temperature drying method (15-50℃/60℃/80℃), which close to the nutural drying. The dried paint will in good quality, high level products, no pollution, which is more in line with environmental protection and health requirements.
                      4. PLC touching screen automatic control system, stable performance, easy operation, programmable control method, which can set different drying curve to meet different materials drying ways.
                      5. Short drying time and good sealing property.
                      6. High quality parts for this red drying machine to ensure the furniture paint drying machine performance.
                      7. Set up multiple security pretection function: the phase sequence protection, default phase protection, overload protection, high voltage protection, low voltage protection, etc.
                      8. Nice appearance design, taking small area space.

              The aftersale services of paint drying equipment:
                      1. The equipment shipped the buyer and warranty period is one year. During the warranty period, no matter what spear parts are damaged, our factory will provide the free parts.
                      2. Life-long follow-up services, the damaged parts of the equipment which is out of warranty, we will provide the parts with only their cost.
                      3. Customize the dryer, long term service, technician on-site installation and debugging, one year quality warranty, and lifelong maintenance.

              If you are interested in our products , please send inquiry to our email:Alisa@lantianmachine.com

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