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              Electroplating Sludge Dryer

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              Electroplating Sludge Dryer

              Electroplating sludge dryer:
                      The electroplating sludge is the waste sludge from wastewater treatment, and it has heavy metal, so the electroplating sludge was listed in the national hazardous waste. Because it contains Cu, Ni, Cr, Zn, Fe and other heavy metal, its harm to the environment is serious. If we do nothing with these electroplating sludge, it will damage the ecological environment. Also, if we don’t recycle the high value heavy metal, it will be a huge waste of resources. Therefore, it is necessary to process the electroplating sludge.
                      In view of the characteristics and the harmfulness of electroplating sludge, consider the point of prevention and control of environmental pollution and resource recycling, mainly adopts the following two ways to process the electroplating sludge: one is make the sludge storaged and not discarded by secondary pollution after processing, which is called free-pollution disposal. The second is to make comprehensive recycling of heavy metals in the sludge, which is called resouces recycling use.
                      The free-pollution process of electroplating sludge is: curing agent solidifying, landfilling, throwing sea, burning and biological treatment. And all of these process need drying process. Our electroplating sludge dryer, taking place of traditional dryers, won’t cause environmet pollution, and its operation cost is very low. So our electroplating sludge drying machine is the optimal choice.

              The features of our electroplating sludge dryer:
                      1. The electroplating sludge dryer machine improves the working efficiency, and it is advantageous to the specialized and large-scale production.
                      2. It can avoid pollution and improve the quality of the dried products will be not cracking, not deformating, 
                      3. Reduce the risk of the nutural environment constraints, and reduce losses from weather factor.
                      4. It can improve the economic benefit. Our new type electroplating sludge drying equipment only consume 40% of the oil fuel dryer, 60% of coal fuel dryer, and 30% of other electric dryer.
                      5. Safe and enviroment protection. Our eletroplating sludge drying machine has the incomparable security (electric separation technology), zero polluting emissions.

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