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              Chicken manure dryer

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              Chicken manure dryer

              Raw materials:
                      Poultry manure contain 2.6% Nitrogen, 3.5% phosphorus, 2.5% potassium, 16-25% crude protein and 45% OM, which are necessary nutrition elements for a variety of crops. So a lot investors reseach it and see its prospect. They recycle the chicken manure and process them into organic fertilizer. The poultry manure organic fertilizer is the main material of organic compound fertilizer and biologic fertilizer. It has the features of large fertility and long time effect, which has been approved by the masses of users.

              Introduction of chicken manure dryer:
                      Chicken manure dryer is suitable for drying the udner 65% water content chicken manure, cow dung, duck manure, etc. to below 13%. It makes a great effect on opening up feed resources, reducing feed costs and reducing environment pollution. All the processing is totally-enclosed, which is for reducing pollution and saving energy. Our new design poultry manure dryer has the effect of dust collection, deodorization and sterilization.

              Chicken manure dryer

              The features of cow dung drying machine:
                      1. The cow dung dryer has the features of high mechanical rotating, high drying strength, which can continuously running.
                      2. Reasonable structure, easy and convenient operation, stable performance...
                      3. Less failure, low maintenance cost, low power consumption.
                      4. Applicable to a wide range of products, dry good uniformity.
                      5. When drying, it  can also achieve the purpose of sterilization and deodorization

              Chicken manure dryer

              Chicken manure dehydrator:
                      The chicken manure or other poultry manure has very high water content, so we can use the manure dehydrator to reduce some water before drying. And this dehydrator always works together with the chicken manure dryer.

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